Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary area that studies where the data (structured or not) comes from, what they represent and how to extract the knowledge contained in them in order to assist in decision-making processes. It uses concepts and algorithms in the areas of statistics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mining to solve complex problems. Data Science is seen as a process comprising several phases: problem definition, data collection, data preparation, data pre-processing, selection of the knowledge extraction algorithm and selection of its parameters, training and validation of the generated model, in addition to the continuous evaluation of the process as a whole.


Alceu de Souza Britto Jr.

  • Dr., Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, 2001.
  • CNPq Research Productivity Researcher.
  • Image Processing, Pattern Recognition.


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Carlos Nascimento Silla Junior

  • Dr., University of Kent, Inglaterra, 2011.
  • CNPq Research Productivity Researcher.
  • Member of ACM, IEEE, ISMIR, SBC.
  • Data Mining, Computational Intelligence, Music Information Retrieval, Computer Music Technology.

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Edson Emílio Scalabrin

  • Dr., Université de Technologie de Compiègne, França, 1996.
  • Process Mining, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Trust & Reputation, Blockchain, Biological Data Analysis, and Biological Data Compression.
  • Member of IEEE.

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Fabrício Enembreck

  • Dr., Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France, 2003.
  • CNPq Research Productivity Researcher.
  • Multi-Agent Systems, Adaptive Agents, Data Mining.


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Jean Paul Barddal

  • Dr., Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, 2018.
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning on Data Streams, Classification, Regression, Concept Change, Attribute Selection and Clustering.


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Júlio César Nievola

  • Dr., Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil, 1995.
  • Member of IEEE, ACM.
  • Data Mining, Intelligent Systems, Artificial Neural Networks.

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Vinícius Mourão Alves de Souza

  • Dr. Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil, 2016
  • Data Mining, Machine Learning, Data Stream, Time Series Mining, Smart Sensors.


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