Collegiate of PPGIa

The collegiate of PPGIa is composed of all permanent professors of the program, by the directors of the undergraduate courses in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Information Systems and by two student representatives, one from the Master's program and one from the Doctorate program.

PPGIa Commissions

PPGIa has commissions formed by its professors to assist academic administration from the program. There are currently two commissions.

Didactic Committee

This committee is composed of the leaders of research groups at PPGIa. This committee is responsible for evaluating requests from PPGIa students and teachers.


  • Edson Emílio Scalabrin
  • Edson José Rodrigues Justino
  • Júlio Cesar Nievola - reporter
  • Manoel Camilo de Oliveira Penna Neto
  • Sheila Reinehr
  • Altair Olivo Santin

Selection and Scholarship Committee

This commission is responsible for the selection process and the awarding of scholarships to those entering the Master's and Doctorate.


  • Alceu de Souza Britto Jr
  • Emerson Cabrera Paraiso
  • Marcelo Eduardo Pellenz - reporter


  • Ricardo Theis Geraldi

Criteria used:

Investment and Scholarships

Internationalization Commission

This commission is responsible for developing actions to expand the internationalization of the program.


  • Eduardo Viegas
  • Sheila Reinehr
  • Emerson Cabrera Paraiso
  • Altair Santin

Head of Program

Emerson Paraíso 08/2018 - Current

Previous Head of Program

Andreia Malucelli Prof. Mauro S. P. Fonseca Prof. Fabrício Enembreck
08/2014 - 08/2018

08/2008 - 06/2012  e  06/2013 - 08/2014

07/2012 - 06/2013
Prof. Alessandro L. Koerich Prof. Celso A. A. Kaestner Prof. Díbio L. Borges
08/2006 - 07/2008 08/2005 - 07/2006 01/2005 - 07/2005
Prof. Bráulio C. Ávila Prof. Carlos A. Maziero Prof. Júlio C. Nievola
11/2003 - 12/2004 01/2001 - 10/2003 01/1999 - 12/2000
Prof. Robert C. Burnett  
01/1996 - 12/1998