PPGIa physical infrastructure and laboratories

PPGIa currently has a teaching laboratory with 20 PCs updated for teaching activities, two study rooms, with 10 PCs, six research laboratories (with more than 50 PCs, printers, scanners, media acquisition systems, etc. ).

In addition, PPGIa offers twelve double cabins for teachers with 2 MacBook each and a room for management, a meeting / videoconference room, a secretary and technical support (with 2 employees dedicated to the needs of computer services at PPGIa).

Altogether the PPGIa has 642.96 m2 dedicated to the program, in addition to that we have available in the PPGIa building a room of active methodologies. All of these physical areas have air conditioning.

PPGIa common computing resources

In 2016, we completed the acquisition of a virtual laboratory with resources from the FINEP 1573/2010 project (R $ 300,000.00), which is composed of a Blade IBM chassis with 14 blades (multi-processed totaling 168 CPU cores and 1,184TB of RAM) and a 22TB storage, with 2 dedicated 88TB NAS that have a total value of approximately R$700,000.00 (seven hundred thousand reais).

We have another Blade Huawei E9000 chassis with a capacity of 16 blades, currently with 6 blades with GPU (3 NVIDIA Quadro K2000) and (1 NVIDIA TESLA M60: grid architecture with 4096 NVIDIA CUDA® cores - 2048 per GPU), 1,696TB of RAM, 120 CPU cores and 26TB of convergent storage, 1 NAS of 48 TB, totaling R$654,000.00 (FINEP 0833/13).

We have just purchased a 32TB NAS and we are in the process of acquiring another NVIDIA TESLA M60 GPU.

The PPGIa building is protected by a 50KVA UPS.

The university's network infrastructure connected by a redundant 20Gbps link and the internet at 10Gbps, PPGIa's wifi network was made available at 2Gbps, we are also interconnecting to the COMEPE and Eduroam network.

University computer resources

In addition to the program's own laboratories, students can use the entire PUCPR infrastructure, which has more than 20 general-purpose computer labs, each with 20 to 30 computers, with broad Internet access (links via RNP, RNP2 and COPEL). A remote access service is also offered to students in the program and access to wireless network available throughout the campus. The computer park at PUCPR is constantly updated, both exclusively for the program's students and the one available at other facilities on the Curitiba campus.